Hook 5

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Niviuk Hook 5

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Helppo ja intuitiivinen käsiteltävyys rohkaisee sinua poistumaan kangistuneista kaavoistasi ja kokeilemaan uusia lentomuotoja.  Simppeli startti johtaa stabiiliin lentoon, jossa koet intuitiivisen kontrollin siipeesi.

Luottamusta herättävä yleisfiilis

Turvallisuus on ykkösprioriteetti kaikissa liitimissämme. Moderni ja innovatiivinen suunnittelu loivat liitimen, jossa on maksimaalinen luotettavuus, suurempi stabiliteetti lennolla ja nopea palautuminen erikoistilanteista.

Ole paras itsesi

On tullut aika mennä pidemmälle.  Improve flight after flight with the best technologies at your disposal, progressing your piloting with a wing designed to offer the best performance in its class. Are you ready?

A docile, intuitive and safe wing, but with a performance superior to the rest of its class. A real progression glider. Ideal to increase your flying experience and push your boundaries. Now you know how to soar. Go fly.

With a more solid architecture, the Hook 5 facilitates a smooth and progressive take off to provide total safety right from the start. Once in the air, its redesigned aerodynamic profile provides stability and comfort, reducing inertia and collapses to the minimum. This is thanks to the latest advances in the Radial Sliced Diagonal, 3DL and 3DP technologies which mean perfect tensioning to achieve a more efficient wing without deformations.

The Hook 5 features a leading edge designed to ensure efficient and stable glide, with the ability to perfectly absorb turbulence. The improved RAM Air Intake optimises the internal pressure of the wing for a more consistent profile across the entire speed-range and giving the pilot complete control and confidence.

The trailing edge has been reinforced with integrated small ribs that make this part flatter in order to spread the pressure out evenly. This means better glide, speed and performance in thermals. In addition, the glider knows how to take advantage of turbulence, converting it to lift progressively, making piloting easier.

Controlling the wing is simple and intuitive. Turns are easy to instigate and precise which takes the accessibility of the glider to the maximum, encouraging the pilot to explore more. Longer brake travel means it is possible to fly at slower speeds with complete control and a landing that is easy and safe.

The durability of the wing is increased by the use of Nitinol rods, which we use in all our wings. These super elastic reinforced rods ensure shape memory. As a result, the rods retain their optimum shape even after an ultra-compact or incorrect folding, so that the wing is not deformed.

In conclusion, the Hook 5 is an ideal wing to escape the usual flying routine and expand your horizons. A safe, stable and easy to use wing that will give you above-average performance. A wing to let you progress at every level.

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HOOK 5     20 22 24 26 28 31
Tunneleita Kpl   47 47 47 47 47 47
Sivusuhde AR   5,3 5,3 5,3 5,3 5,3 5,3
Pinta-ala Flätti m2 20 22 24 26 28 31
  Projektoitu m2 17,06 18,76 20,47 22,17 23,88 26,44
Jänne Max  m 2,42 2,54 2,66 2,76 2,87 3,02
Punokset Totaali m 207 218 228 238 247 260
Kantoliinat Kpl 4 A+A'/B/C A+A'/B/C A+A'/B/C A+A'/B/C A+A'/B/C A+A'/B/C
Lentopaino Min - Max kg 55 - 70 60 - 80 70 - 92 82 - 105 95 - 120 110 - 135
Venytetty lentopaino Min - Max kg 55 - 85 60 - 95 70 - 105 82 - 120 - -
Liitimen paino   kg 3,9 4,3 4,6 4,9 5,2 5,5
Sertifiointi   EN/LTF B B B B B B


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