Skin 2

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Skin 2

The integration of the trimmer system allows greater control and expands your range of possibilities: decide where, when and now also how to land with absolute safety.

Surprisingly compact and light, the Skin 2 P is especially designed for mountaineers and people who love the high mountains. The wing for true explorers.

Minimum weight and maximum accessibility, now certified. Enjoy your extreme adventures with a wing which is more manoeuvrable and stable than ever.

The Skin 2 P is the ultralight version of the Skin 2, the second generation of the revolutionary single-surface wing which is now certified. Designed and optimised to meet the most stringent demands of mountaineers and high mountain lovers, this new model offers greater stability, comfort and durability without affecting the lightness and performance that characterised its predecessor.

With the new Skin 2 P, the pilot is able to undertake new and exciting hike & fly challenges with all the comfort and confidence of a conventional paraglider. The main difference and advantage? Its reduced weight and volume allow you to experience all this comfort from the moment the wing takes off.

The wing takes the pilot's weight so quickly and easily, it makes any peak or slope into a possible and perfect take-off area. The light weight of the wing and its single-surface nature make it inflate effortlessly and in a matter of seconds is above the pilot's head.

In the air, the Skin 2 P proves to be much more than just a wing for descending mountains. It exhibits all the stability and consistency.

The incorporation of an extra closed cell, the improved distribution of the lines (all unsheathed) and the ultralight materials used (Porcher 27 g/m² cloth, Dyneema for the brakes, risers and Interlock System) make the Skin 2 P a more compact wing, with optimum load distribution and less inertia. All this translates into a surprisingly mellow wing that is more manoeuvrable and responsive than ever.

The newest feature, the integration of the trimmer system, has been key to ensuring easy landings. Thanks to a better speed retention the wing permits a more efficient flare and a smoother roundout. The landing is smooth, precise and completely controlled.

So that your Skin 2 P and your adventure ambitions never leave you, we have reinforced the structure of the sail to offer you a more robust wing with an extraordinary compromise between weight and durability.

Skin 2 P, the most responsive and light answer to your most stringent demands.

Like all P series gliders, the Skin 2 P comes with IKS 1000 kg (a connecting system to join the lines to the risers) as standard. Being 25 times lighter (0.2 g), the IKS system has a load-bearing break point of 1000 kg, compared to the 550 kg of the classic maillons. IKS is an ultralight connection system specially designed for mountain and lightweight equipment.





Tekninen taulukko

Skin 2 P     16 18 20    
cells number   39 39 39    
  box   39 39 39    
flat area m2 16 18 20    
  span m 9,38 9,95 10,5    
projected aspect ratio   5,5 5,5 5,5    
  area m2 13,5 15,2 16,9    
  span m 7,46 7,92 8,34    
  aspect ratio   4,12 4,12 4,12    
flattening   % 15 15 15    
cord maximum m 2,11 2,24 2,36    
  minimum m 0,44 0,46 0,49    
  average m 1,71 1,81 1,9    
lines total meters m 383 407 429    
  height m 5,9 6,3 6,6    
  number   396 396 396    
  main   3/4/3/3 3/4/3/3 3/4/3/3    
risers number 4 A/B/C/D A/B/C/D A/B/C/D    
  trims   YES YES YES    
total weight minimum kg 60 70 85    
in flight maximum kg 85 90 110    
glider weight   kg 1,9 2,1 2,3    
certification   EN/LTF - B -    
    EN 926-1 926-1 926-1


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